Quarry Carnival of Souls Episode 7

Quarry Carnival of Souls – It’s Halloween in Memphis and Marcus finds a treat, while Buddy and Mac must figure out a trick (after their cover is blown) to secure Credence Mason’s Read More

Inspire A Difference: ID Channel Honors Dave Navarro, Maria Bello, and Joy Behar!

Inspire a Difference -- The great thing about Investigation Discovery is that it's not just a channel, it's a way of life. And they're not just about showing off murderers, but Read More

Iyanla Fix My Life: Chris Brown’s Ex-Artist Gets A Second Chance

Iyanla Fix My Life -- Oprah's favorite self-help guru has really taken her self-help business to the next level. And this season of "Iyanla Fix My Life" has taken things to the Read More

Atlanta The Club (Season 1: Episode 8)

Atlanta The Club - Atlanta has done a great job spinning around stereotypes of rappers thus far and this episode continues do so. The show's hallmark way of revealing to viewers a Read More

Betrayed Life and Limb S1E8

Betrayed life and Limb - The eighth segment of Investigation Discovery’s “Betrayed” series pitches Jay Orbin as a millionaire jewelry dealer with a beautiful wife and a beloved Read More

ID Channel People Magazine Investigates: Another Hit!

ID Channel People Magazine Investigates -- By now, people know that I am nothing if not a total and complete #IDAddict. Every time a new show is announced in the line-up, I'm in Read More

Salem New York Comic Con: Exclusive Interview with Shane West! [Pics & Video]

Salem New York Comic Con -- One of the things I love about New York Comic Con is that you never know what people will respond to until you actually cover it. I only realized that I Read More

This Is Us The Pool (s1e4)

This Is Us The Pool – The Pearson triplets are, like most of us, a product of past experiences. In ‘The Pool’ we see just how deeply implanted wounds of the past are for Kevin, Read More

Ash vs Evil Dead Last Call (S2, E3)

Ash vs Evil Dead Last Call - Ash's beloved car has been stolen by some teenagers. Even worse, (though not to Ash) the Book of the Dead was still in the backseat, now in the hands Read More

Timeless The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln S1 E2

Timeless The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln - Season 1, Episode 2, “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” concerns the efforts of our heroes, Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus, to stop Read More

Z Nation Murphy’s Miracle Season 3, Episode 3

Z Nation Murphy's Miracle Season 3, Episode 3 - “Murphy’s Miracle” continues the adventure of three groups of our intrepid heroes. Review and recap Z Nation Murphy's Read More

Ghost Brothers Renewed: Destination America Green-Lights New Season!

Ghost Brothers Renewed -- When any show is new on the slate, it's difficult to determine if, indeed, it will remain on the slate per se. So many shows flop within a few episodes Read More

Secrets and Lies The Liar (S2, E3)

Secrets and Lies The Liar - When we left off two weeks ago, Eric went to Liam's (Kate's assistant) apartment to look for him where he runs into the mysterious man who beat up Neil. Read More

Shin Godzilla Premiere in NYC Draws Major Celebrities! [Photos]

Shin Godzilla Premiere -- Godzilla has been delighting, and frightening, audiences for decades. And while some depictions of Godzilla are hokey and over-blown, some are quite well Read More

This Is Us Kyle (S1E3)

This Is Us Kyle – The Big Three, Kate, Kevin and Randall, are venturing into new risky life choices. Not without difficulty, the three find themselves shedding the predictable and Read More

Designated Survivor The Enemy (S1 Ep4) Prepare for War

Designated Survivor The Enemy - The staff has finally been able to confirm that the terrorist group suspected of causing the explosion at the capitol is indeed responsible for the Read More